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Are you thinking about settling down in San Joaquin County? San Joaquin County is located in Northern California’s Central Valley and is known for its wonderful weather, high population density, and agricultural production.

Read on to learn more about all of the different cities in San Joaquin County as well as the many San Joaquin Valley cities. All of the information provided comes directly from the US Census.

San Joaquin County, CA

San Joaquin County is located in Northern California and is a part of the San Jose-San Francisco-Oakland Combined Statistical Area. The county has grown over 13% in the past decade and continues to grow rapidly due to overflow from the nearby Bay Area.

San Joaquin County is known for its thriving agricultural industry, and the area is home to many grape vineyards and walnut, cherry, and almond orchards. This provides many jobs to residents in the area, and the gross value of agricultural production in the county was $2.6 billion in 2018.

When living in the area, you will have many different outdoor recreation opportunities. The county is home to the San Joaquin Delta, which is where the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers meet before entering the San Francisco Bay. There are also several parks in the area for you to enjoy.

San Joaquin County Demographics

  • San Joaquin County population: 779,233
  • San Joaquin County median age: 35.2
  • San Joaquin County median household income: $82,837
  • San Joaquin County median price of housing: $543,820
  • San Joaquin County area: 1,392.2 square miles
  • San Joaquin County density: 569.8 people per square mile
  • San Joaquin County educational attainment: 80.2% high school degree (or higher), 20.3% bachelor’s degree (or higher)

Cities In San Joaquin County

Here is the complete San Joaquin County cities list.

#1 Stockton


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Stockton is a popular San Joaquin Valley city and is known as “Stockton: All American City.” Stockton is the most populous city in the county and the 11th-most populous city in the state of California. When living in Stockton, make sure you check out some of the area’s top attractions such as Louis Park and Stockton Arena.

  • Stockton population: 320,804
  • Stockton population growth %: 9.9% increase since 2010
  • Stockton area: 62.4 square miles
  • Stockton median age: 34.3
  • Stockton median household income: $71,612
  • Stockton median house price: $445,000
  • Stockton crime rate: 4,259 crimes per 100,000 people (65.0% higher than state average and 81.5% higher than national average)
  • Stockton Map

#2 Tracy

Located just 20 miles south of Stockton, Tracy is one of the most popular cities in San Joaquin County. Tracy is a popular place to live among commuters, as the area’s many freeways easily connect it to other major cities such as San Francisco, San Jose, and Sacramento. Because of the many commuters living in the area, the average travel time to work for residents in the area is 45.1 minutes.

  • Tracy population: 93,000
  • Tracy population growth %: 12.1% increase since 2010
  • Tracy area: 26.2 square miles
  • Tracy median age: 33.8
  • Tracy median household income: $111,717
  • Tracy median house price: $685,000
  • Tracy crime rate: 1,877 crimes per 100,000 people (27.3% lower than state average and 20.0% lower than national average)
  • Tracy Map

#3 Manteca

When it comes to safe San Joaquin County cities, Manteca is at the top of the list, with a crime rate that is well below the state and national averages. Manteca is known as “The Family City,” as the low crime rates and top-rated schools are attractive for families with young children. The average household size is 3.3 persons and 69% of households are occupied by married couples.


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  • Manteca population: 83,498
  • Manteca population growth %: 19.6% increase since 2010
  • Manteca area: 21.4 square miles
  • Manteca median age: 35.4
  • Manteca median household income: $89,966
  • Manteca median house price: $613,250
  • Manteca crime rate: 1,938 crimes per 100,000 (24.9% lower than state average and 17.4% lower than national average)
  • Manteca Map

#4 Lodi

Lodi is situated in the northern part of the county and is known for its attractions such as Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resort and Wine & Roses. Lodi is mostly a residential area, and most of the homes in the area are one-story, single-family properties with over 3 bedrooms. You can expect to have a large yard when living in Lodi, which is perfect for families with small children and pets or those who love to garden.

  • Lodi population: 66,348
  • Lodi population growth %: 6.7% increase since 2010
  • Lodi area: 13.6 square miles
  • Lodi median age: 37.5
  • Lodi median household income: $78,468
  • Lodi median house price: $550,000
  • Lodi crime rate: 2,180 crimes per 100,000 people (15.5% lower than state average and 7.1% lower than national average)
  • Lodi Map

#5 Lathrop

The city of Lathrop sits at the intersection of Interstate 5 and California State Route 120. The city is known for its many job opportunities, especially after electric car maker Tesla opened a 430,000-square-foot facility in the area, providing thousands of jobs to residents in Lathrop. Other major employers in the area include United Parcel Service, Pflug Packaging, and Wayfair.


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  • Lathrop population: 28,701
  • Lathrop population growth %: 59.2% increase since 2010
  • Lathrop area: 19.8 square miles
  • Lathrop median age: 32.8
  • Lathrop median household income: $108,732
  • Lathrop median house price: $680,000
  • Lathrop crime rate: 4,115 crimes per 100,000 people (45% higher than the state average and 77% higher than national average)
  • Lathrop Map

#6 Mountain House

Mountain House is a census-designated place and master-planned community on the border of the San Francisco Bay Area. Once this community is complete, it is expected to have over 15,000 residential properties and 50,000 residents. Out of all of the CDPs and cities in San Joaquin County, Mountain House is the wealthiest. The median household income in the CDP is nearly double the amount in California ($84,097).

  • Mountain House population: 24,499
  • Mountain House population growth %: 153.2% increase since 2010
  • Mountain House area: 4.6 square miles
  • Mountain House median age: 32.5
  • Mountain House median household income: $166,821
  • Mountain House median house price: $932,500
  • Mountain House crime rate: 2,522 crimes per 100,000 people (11% lower than the state average and 9% higher than the national average)
  • Mountain House Map

#7 Ripon

Ripon is one of the best San Joaquin County cities for families with young children. Ripon is a part of the Ripon Unified School District, where 98.1% of the teachers are licensed and 77.9% have over three years of experience. You can also enjoy family-friendly activities at Caswell Memorial State Park and Mistlin Sports Park.

  • Ripon population: 16,013
  • Ripon population growth %: 12.0% increase since 2010
  • Ripon area: 5.3 square miles
  • Ripon median age: 40
  • Ripon median household income: $115,583
  • Ripon median house price: $774,000
  • Ripon crime rate: 1,342 crimes per 100,000 people (48.0% lower than state average and 42.8% lower than national average)
  • Ripon Map

#8 Garden Acres

Looking for small and quiet San Joaquin villages? The CDP of Garden Acres is known for being incredibly peaceful. This CDP is less than 3 square miles in area and is primarily residential. Garden Acres is a very walkable area, and your children can easily commute on foot to the CDP’s top schools like Elmwood Elementary School and Franklin High School. Your family can also enjoy the CDP’s two parks: East Side Community Park and Garden Acres Park, which is home to the Garden Acres Community Center.

  • Garden Acres population: 11,398
  • Garden Acres population growth %: 7.04% increase since 2010
  • Garden Acres area: 2.6 square miles
  • Garden Acres median age: 34.3
  • Garden Acres median household income: $53,902
  • Garden Acres median house price: $340,000
  • Garden Acres crime rate: 4,332 crimes per 100,000 people (52% higher than state average and 86% higher than national average)
  • Garden Acres Map

#9 Country Club

With a population of just over 10,000, Country Club is one of the best cities in San Joaquin County. Country Club is perfect for nature lovers, as it borders the beautiful San Joaquin River. Country Club’s main attraction is the Stockton Golf and Country Club, which offers members access to a championship golf course, dining facility, and 44,000-square-foot clubhouse. Homes in the area are small and cozy, and are very affordable compared to the California average.

  • Country Club population: 10,777
  • Country Club population growth %: 14.9% increase since 2010
  • Country Club area: 1.9 square miles
  • Country Club median age: 36.3
  • Country Club median household income: $76,758
  • Country Club median house price: $372,000
  • Country Club crime rate: 3,730 crimes per 100,000 people (31% higher than state average and 61% higher than national average)
  • Country Club Map

#10 August

Out of all of the San Joaquin County cities and CDPs, August is the most popular area among young people. The average age in August is only 28 and 69% of the population is under the age of 39. The median household size is 4 persons, which is 25% higher than the figure in the Stockton Metro area and 1.4 times the figure in California (2.9 persons). With 22% of the population ranging from 1 to 9 years old, it is no surprise that the CDP is home to amazing schools like August Elementary School and John C. Fremont School.

  • August population: 8,628
  • August population growth %: 2.8% increase since 2010
  • August area: 1.3 square miles
  • August median age: 28
  • August median household income: $51,733
  • August median house price: $265,000
  • August crime rate: 3,990 crimes per 100,000 people (40% higher than state average and 72% higher than national average
  • August Map

Cities In San Joaquin County Map

Check out this cities in San Joaquin County map.

San Joaquin Valley Cities

San Joaquin County is a part of a larger area called the San Joaquin Valley. The San Joaquin Valley comprises all of San Joaquin and Kings counties as well as the majority of Stanislaus, Merced, Fresno, Madera, Tulare, and Kern counties. The San Joaquin Valley is the southern half of California’s Central Valley and produces a significant portion of California’s agricultural output.

This area is a great place to live, and there are several San Joaquin Valley villages, cities, and CDPs to choose from. Not sure which San Joaquin Valley city is right for you? Here’s an overview of all of the San Joaquin Valley cities and communities with a population of over 20,000.

Cities in the San Joaquin Valley
San Joaquin Valley City County Population
Fresno Fresno 542,107
Bakersfield Kern 403,455
Stockton San Joaquin 320,804
Modesto Stanislaus 218,464
Visalia Tulare 141,384
Clovis Fresno 120,124
Tracy San Joaquin 93,000
Merced Merced 86,333
Manteca San Joaquin 83,498
Turlock Stanislaus 72,740
Tulare Tulare 68,875
Lodi San Joaquin 66,348
Madera Madera 66,224
Porterville Tulare 62,623
Hanford Kings 57,990
Delano Kern 51,428
Ceres Stanislaus 49,302
Los Banos Merced 45,532
Atwater Merced 31,970
Lathrop San Joaquin 28,701
Wasco Kern 27,505
Lemoore Kings 27,038
Sanger Fresno 26,617
Reedley Fresno 25,227
Riverbank Stanislaus 24,865
Selma Fresno 24,674
Dinuba Tulare 24,563
Patterson Stanislaus 23,781
Oakdale Stanislaus 23,181
Corcoran Kings 22,339

FAQ Section

How Many Cities Are There In San Joaquin County?

There are 7 cities in San Joaquin County. Additionally, there are dozens of CDPs and unincorporated communities.

What Is The Most Populous City In San Joaquin County?

Out of all of the San Joaquin cities, Stockton is the most populous, with a population of 320,804.

What Is The Wealthiest City In San Joaquin County?

The CDP of Mountain House is the wealthiest area in the county, with a median household income of $166,821.

What Is The Largest City In San Joaquin County?

Stockton is the largest city, with an area of 62.4 square miles.

What Is The Most Crowded City Instate?

August is the most crowded area instate, with a population density of 7,826.7 people per square mile.

Which Of San Joaquin County’s Cities Is Right For You?

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