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Soledad is a peaceful and quiet Monterey County city nestled within the breathtakingly charming Salinas Valley in Central California. Soledad is situated on “Prime Farmland” and is known for its incredibly restored mission, close proximity to Pinnacles National Park, and several vineyards as a result of being situated in one of the top wine grape-growing regions in the state– the Monterey Wine region. The suburban city of Soledad is home to a growing population that is highly recognized for its sense of community and volunteerism. The friendly and welcoming residents in Soledad get to enjoy an array of restaurants, fun local events, well-maintained parks, excellent k-12 schools, and beautiful sunset views of the mountains and surrounding canyons.

The city of Soledad, CA originates from Mission Nuestra Señora de la Soledad which was founded in 1791 by the Spanish including its leader, Fermín de Lasuén. It wasn’t until 1921 that Soledad was incorporated as a city. Today, Soledad, CA is somewhat of a tourist destination and has even made it on the television series Ghost Adventures with an episode shot at the city’s arguably haunted Los Coches adobe. Additionally, the famous book Of Mice and Men is set around Soledad. Along with several attractions and amenities, the safe city of Soledad sits just 35 miles from the coast of Monterey Bay and is perfect for those seeking decent commute times to surrounding larger cities.

Soledad, CA Population & Demographics

Soledad, CA is situated in the heart of one of the top agricultural regions in the nation where economic production and technological advancement are the keys to the success of the city’s economy. According to the U.S. Census, Soledad has a population of 24,925 and a median household income of $66,234– that’s $12,438 below the state median. The median age of residents in Soledad is 35.8 and their homes have an average of 4.57 people per household. Soledad also has had a positive 1.8% job increase in the last year.

The racial demographics in Soledad are rather diverse with Hispanics making up 75% of the population, whites making up 12%, blacks at 9.3%, and Asians at 2%. Interestingly enough, the gender ratio in Soledad is unbalanced with males making up 68.2% of the population which leaves 31.8% female.

Soledad was ranked as the eleventh safest city in California by the Safe Cities report. According to the FBI, there is a 1 in 138 chance of becoming a victim of crime in Soledad which certainly beats the state ratio of 1 in 36. The total crime rate in Soledad is 727 per 100,000 residents whereas the national crime rate is 2,477 – or a 70% lower crime rate! With that being said, there’s no doubt that Soledad, CA is a very safe place to live. If worst comes to worst, you’ll have all 16 sworn officers of the Soledad Police Department to watch your back.

Cost of Living in Soledad, CA

According to the Economic Policy Institute, a family of four should be taking in around $114,198 to be the most financially comfortable. With the cost of living below the state average, Soledad is an affordable place to live when compared to cities like San Diego and Los Angeles. Soledad has a sales tax of 8.8% and an income tax of 9.3 which is a ways above the U.S. average. As stated by Redfin, the current median house price in Soledad is $626,500. If you’re thinking about signing a lease, the current average monthly rent in Soledad, CA is around $1,000.

Soledad, CA Everyday Prices:

The following everyday prices in Soledad are provided by

  • Cup of coffee— $4.18
  • Basic utilities— $104.00
  • Gallon of gas— $2.69
  • Carton of eggs— $2.29
  • Doctor’s visit— $108.00

Soledad, CA Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Soledad, CA

In Soledad, the northeastern end of the city tends to be the most desirable whereas the northwestern side is often the most affordable. Soledad’s city center will give you the closest access to an array of public schools and the southern areas bring you closer to an array of nice wineries, lovely parks, and gorgeous mountains.

When you’re traveling to the coast, the distance from Soledad to Monterey is just over 40 miles south which takes about 50 minutes by car. If you’re seeking a larger city nearby, you can go from Soledad to Salinas which is even closer at approximately 28 miles northwest. Regardless of which side of Soledad you end up on, be prepared for magnificent agricultural views and the benefits of a caring, safe community.

Soledad, CA Climate & Weather

Soledad, CA experiences a warm Mediterranean climate in which the winters are cool with lows of 41 degrees Fahrenheit and the summers are warm and dry with highs of 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Talk about the perfect weather to hike the trails at the nearby national park! There are 23 inches of rainfall in Soledad whereas you’ll be needing sunglasses during the 263 days of sunshine. With summer and fall as the most pleasant seasons, the best months to visit Soledad, CA are July, August, and September.

Things to Do in Soledad, CA

Along with over twenty wineries vineyards within a thirty-mile radius, Soledad, CA is home to several amenities and things to do. When you’re looking for a place to loosen your wallet, the Soledad Mission Shopping Center is a great option. Take a look below at more places to go while living in Soledad, CA!

Pinnacles National Park

As a result of a volcano, this American national park is home to a lovely mountainous landscape, an ancient volcanic field, and several other geologic caves and condors you can’t miss.

California 95043 831-389-4485

Mission Soledad

This history museum is one of the most precious, rural missions in California and remains a great place to visit. It was built to assist northern California’s other missions, was abandoned for nearly a century, and then brought back to life in the mid-20th century.

36641 Fort Romie Rd, Soledad, CA 93960 831-678-2586

Additional Attractions in Soledad, CA

The parks, playgrounds, and similar amenities in Soledad are maintained by the city’s Parks and Recreation department. If you’re hoping to tune in on events going on in the community, you can check that out here.

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Soledad, CA Restaurants

Cocuyos Restaurant

From perfectly cooked homemade corn tortillas to loaded omelets and grilled chicken, this delicious restaurant in Soledad is a big hit! You can expect affordable prices, great service, and outstanding food that the whole family can enjoy!

​​185 Kidder St, Soledad, CA 93960 831-237-5004

Taqueria Comidas Sabrosas

If you’re looking for a highly-rated Mexican restaurant with homemade tacos, soups, and gorditas, Taqueria Comidas Sabrosas is the place to go! You’ll be served authentic and fresh Mexican dishes that are sure to keep you coming back.

511 Front St, Soledad, CA 93960 831-678-1068

Jobs in Soledad, CA

With farmland conservation as a major priority for the city’s economy, there are many job options in Soledad relating to agriculture. A few more popular positions in Soledad are administrative assistants and technicians whereas the top employers include Bud of California and DaVita Inc. According to Payscale, Soledad has an average base salary of $68,000 and an average hourly rate of $19.27. The future job growth in Soledad sits at 26.4%.

If you’re looking for employment, try searching for jobs in Soledad, CA. On average, the mean travel time to work for residents in Soledad is 22.6 minutes. When you’re looking to commute to a very large city, the distance from Soledad to San Jose is about 85 miles north.

Soledad, CA Schools

Although a small portion of the city is served by the Mission Union School District, the majority of public schools in Soledad are served by the Soledad Unified School District. This school district aims to provide an “exceptional educational experience” for its students and is home to five elementary schools, one middle school, one community school, and one high school known as Soledad High School.

When you’re in need of quiet studying time or a new bestseller, you can utilize the Soledad Branch Library on most days of the week.

Soledad, CA Statistics & Information

Soledad, CA Map

Take a look at even more places to go with this map of Soledad, California!

Pros & Cons of Living in Soledad, CA

  • Pro: You’ll have close proximity to the national park!
  • Pro: Enjoy comfortable and mostly warm weather year-round!
  • Con: Although there’s plenty to do during the day, there isn’t much nightlife in the city.

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