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Ripon is a quaint and peaceful city situated in central California. In addition to its low crime and small-town country charm, Ripon CA is best known for its thriving agriculture-based economy– especially for the production of almonds. In fact, Ripon is referred to as the “Almond Capital of the World.” Those living in Ripon can enjoy the city’s beautiful parks, welcoming schools, fun community events, and outdoor recreational opportunities, including golf, hiking, and camping. Originally known as Stanislaus City, the charming suburban city of Ripon was incorporated in 1945. Today, Ripon CA is a good place to live for families craving a homey, tight-knit community with beautiful weather, lovely shops and restaurants, and close proximity to bigger city amenities.

Where Is Ripon California?

Located in the heart of San Joaquin County, the charming city of Ripon is a suburb of Modesto in the Stockton–Lodi–Tracy metropolitan statistical area. Ripon is nestled along the north side of the lovely Stanislaus River, providing incredible waterfront views for many homeowners.

The distance from Ripon CA to Stockton CA is roughly 20 miles, and the distance from Ripon CA to Modesto CA is around 11 miles southeast. Ripon is a great place to live for those who want a small-town feel while still having access to big-city amenities.

Some of the communities that border Ripon include Salida, Manteca, Atlanta, and Wagner.

Ripon is not very walkable, and the easiest way to get around the area is by personal vehicle. The Golden State Highway runs through the city, providing easy access to surrounding areas. There are also seven bus stops in the city, which are operated by the San Joaquin Regional Transit District.

Ripon CA Population & Demographics

Over the past ten years, the Ripon population has grown by over 12%. The current Ripon, CA population is 16,023- and growing! Ripon is a somewhat diverse city, with a racial and ethnic composition of 79.5% White (63.7% non-Hispanic), 9.8% two or more races, 4.5% Asian, and 1.1% Black or African American. More than 8.6% of residents were born outside the United States. Also, nearly 9% of the population was born outside of the United States!

Of the 5,585 households in Ripon, 76% are married couples. 11% are occupied by single females, 9% by non-family members, and 4% by single males. The median household income in Ripon is $102,633, which is 1.4 times the amount in the Stockton Metro Area ($74,962) and 25% higher than the California average ($84,097).

Famous people from Ripon include gospel artist Walter Hawkins and actress Kim Johnston Ulrich.

Ripon Demographics:

  • Sex ratio: 51.1% male, 48.9% female
  • Median age: 39.9
  • Educational attainment: 91.3% high school diploma (or higher), 25.0% bachelor’s degree (or higher)
  • Homeownership rate: 70.5%

According to the FBI, for every 100,000 people in Ripon, there are 1,342 crimes. The Ripon crime rate is 48% lower than the rest of California and 42.8% lower than the U.S. Based on these numbers, Ripon is a safe place to live. When living in the area, you and your family will be in good hands, thanks to the 22 sworn police officers at the Ripon Police Department.

Cost of Living in Ripon CA

While Ripon exceeds the cost of living for the average U.S. city, it is nothing out of the ordinary for the state of California. According to Quicken Loans, California is the second most expensive state to live in, just behind Hawaii. The Ripon Cost of Living index is 135, making the city 35% more expensive than the national average. However, this is still lower than the California Cost of Living Index of 137.6. According to the Economic Policy Institute, a family of four would need to earn $85,959 per year to live modestly in the city.

If you are searching for Ripon, CA real estate, then there are many options to choose from. The Ripon real estate market is picking up speed, and home prices are on the rise. The median price of homes for sale in Ripon, CA is $677,500, which is up 6.2% since last year. With a very competitive market, Ripon CA homes for sale sell in an average of 14 days. Around 37% of homes for sale in the area sell above the list price.

As a renter, you’ll find the apartments in Ripon CA to be slightly above the California average. RentCafe states that the average rent in Ripon is $2,013 for a 1,008-square foot apartment. In addition to apartments, there are also many single-family homes for rent in Ripon.

Ripon CA Typical Living Expenses

Based on data from Payscale, you can expect your everyday expenses in Ripon to look like this:

  • Phone bill: $269.35
  • Average Ripon utilities per month: $250.38
  • Bunch of bananas: $3.94
  • Veterinary visit: $63.69
  • Milk: $2.85 per gallon
  • Gasoline: $4.46 per gallon

Ripon Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Ripon CA

The charming and quiet city of Ripon has several beautiful areas to settle down in. Residents living in Ripon can have peace of mind thanks to the community’s safe environment, serene landscape, and small-town vibe, where everyone watches out for each other. Whichever part of town you end up in, the homes are well taken care of and come in a variety of different styles. These styles include single-family contemporary, English, and detached homes. The majority of homes were built between 1950 and present day.


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The south half of Ripon tends to be the most desirable due to its ideal location near outdoor recreation. Here, you’ll find excellent parks, golf courses, a state park, the Alpine Climbing Adventure Fitness, and even a small beach. Homes here cost between $600,000 and $2,000,000.

On the other hand, you’ll find the most affordable homes in the northwest regions of the city. This half of town brings you close to numerous restaurant options, a sports park, hiking spots, and the Spring Creek Golf and Country Club. While some homes cost above $1,000,000, there are several houses available below $500,000.

When it comes to apartment living, some of the best options include Luxe Ripon Apartments in Northern Ripon and Vintage Manor Apartments in Central Ripon.

Ripon CA Weather & Climate

Are you curious about Ripon, CA weather? Ripon and other Modesto areas are known for their pleasant weather year-round. With spring and fall as the most comfortable times of the year, the best months to visit Ripon, CA are April, May, and October.

According to the Köppen Classification, the Ripon climate is a Mediterranean climate with short and cold winters and hot, clear summers. Throughout the year, the temperature can range anywhere from 38°F to 94°F. You’ll need sunglasses throughout the 256 sunny days in Ripon, and you can forget the raincoat as there are only 13 inches of annual rainfall.


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Things to Do in Ripon California

Those living in Ripon have close access to several fun places within the city’s borders. When you want to spend some cash, you can shop at the Vintage Faire Mall or the Mission Ridge Plaza. You can get your grocery shopping done at Save Mart and Ripon Mini Mart. These are a few of the best things to do in Ripon, CA. 

Caswell Memorial State Park

This 250-acre state park sits along the Stanislaus River and features campsites, lovely hiking trails, picnic areas, and many endangered species.

28000 S Austin Rd, Ripon, CA 95366, (209) 599-3810

Mistlin Sports Park

Mistlin Sports Park is one of the best things to do in Ripon. This 80-acre park provides multiple sports fields, a gazebo, a play area, and a splash pad for the little ones.

1201 River Rd, Ripon, CA 95366, (209) 599-2108

Ripon Community Center

This community center in Ripon is a great place to take the family. It boasts an excellent playground, tennis courts, pickleball courts, baseball fields, and an indoor community center with a family-friendly atmosphere.

334 Fourth St, Ripon, CA 95366, (209) 599-2108

Additional Ripon Attractions

Looking for more fun things to do in Ripon? The outdoor public facilities and parks in Ripon CA are maintained by the Ripon Parks & Recreation Commission. You can also check out the city’s calendar for events going on throughout the year.

Restaurants in Ripon CA

With everything from fine dining to authentic Japanese cuisine to pizza places, you’re sure to find incredible restaurants in Ripon, CA. Here are a few Ripon restaurants you can’t skip out on.

Ripon Roadhouse

Ripon Roadhouse is an excellent steakhouse with a welcoming atmosphere and high-quality food.

125 E Main St, Ripon, CA 95366, (209) 599-3444

Masumi Japanese Restaurant

Masumi Japanese Restaurant is at the top of the list when it comes to restaurants in Ripon. This Japanese restaurant serves tasty sushi and other Japanese dishes in a casual setting.

1140 W Colony Rd #110, Ripon, CA 95366, (209) 599-7188


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On the hunt for Mexican food in Ripon? Esmeralda is a Mexican restaurant featuring delicious homemade Mexican fare and margaritas.

1222 W Colony Rd, Ripon, CA 95366, (209) 599-7771

Jobs in Ripon CA

Are you moving to Ripon and looking for work? With Ripon being the “Almond Capital of the World,” it is no surprise that the economy is heavily based on agriculture. This involves the production of large crops of almonds, grapes, and nut trees.

Here’s a glimpse of the job economy in Ripon with data provided by Payscale:

  • Job growth expectation: 36.2% growth over the next decade (compared to the U.S. average of 33.5%)
  • Ripon average base salary: $69,000
  • Average hourly rate: $21.59
  • Most popular jobs in Ripon: office managers, construction estimators, and program coordinators
  • Top employers in Ripon: Chevron, PMZ Real Estate, and U.S. Healthworks.

If you are looking for Ripon jobs, there are plenty of jobs on Indeed. The Ripon CA human resources website is another great way to discover potential careers.

Ripon CA Schools

The 3,354 students living in Ripon are served by the Ripon Unified School District. This Ripon school district has exceptional API (Academic Performance Index) scores in contrast to other California schools and districts. 98.1% of the teachers within the RUSD are licensed, and 77.9% have over three years of experience. The student-to-teacher ratio is higher than the state average at 23 to 1. Within the district, there are five elementary schools, five middle schools, and two high schools. Ripon Elementary and Parkview Elementary made the list for the California Department of Education’s 2023 California Distinguished Schools.

Those living in Ripon can enjoy The Ripon Memorial Library for quiet reading time.

Ripon CA Statistics & Information

  • Ripon CA County: San Joaquin County
  • Ripon area: 5.517 square miles
  • Ripon zip code: 95366
  • Ripon area code: 209
  • Ripon elevation: 69 feet
  • Ripon time zone: Pacific Daylight Time (PST)
  • Closest major airport to Ripon: Oakland International Airport (OAK), 65 miles west of Ripon

Ripon CA Map

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