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Las Lomas is Spanish for “The Hills”; this Monterey County census-designated place (CDP) gained this nickname due to its picturesque rolling hills. If you’re considering moving to Las Lomas, we’ve written a comprehensive guide covering everything you need to know about this lovely California CDP. 

Before 1981, the community of Las Lomas endured severe water contamination for years, which resulted in countless health issues among its residents. However, in 1982, the town received a federal grant for a brand new sewer system, providing clean, safe water for the people living in Las Lomas! Las Lomas is a good place to live and offers numerous lovely attributes. The CDP of Las Lomas is known for its beautiful scenery, tight-knit community, notable golf courses, and numerous family-friendly parks! 

Where Is Las Lomas?

Las Lomas is located in Central California and is not a city; it’s a Monterey County CDP. It’s a rural place to live; it’s 24.3 miles from Las Lomas to Santa Cruz. The nearest beach is Moss Landing State Beach, which is 7 miles southwest. Although this CDP isn’t a coastal town, it’s not far from California’s many beach towns and waterways.

Las Lomas Population & Demographics

Las Lomas has a small population of 3,818 and has seen an impressive 886-person population increase in the past year. The median household income is $78,176, and its racial and ethnic composition is 37.7% White (15.3 white, non-Hispanic)), 28.9% Other (Hispanic),

9.27% Two+ (Hispanic), and 7.02% American Indian & Alaska Native (Hispanic).

The median age in Las Lomas is 26.2, a fairly young age. Forty-five percent of its population is 29 years old or younger, and 25% are between the ages of 10 and 19. Las Lomas is a popular city for young families and adults! Most people here are married (62%), and most own their homes (54%.) Of the 775 households, there is an average of 4.7 people per home, which is 1.4 times more than the nearest metro area (Salinas, CA Metro.) Considering 46% of people living in Las Lomas rent, you can expect plenty of rental options and a competitive housing market.

Additional Las Lomas demographics: 

  • Educational attainment: 44.9% have high school diplomas or higher, and 6.6% have bachelor’s degrees or higher
  • Veteran population: 1.4%
  • Foreign-born population: 40%
  • Poverty rate: 17.9%

Las Lomas has a notable foreign-born population of 40%, 100% of which are Latin American!

Analyzing a city’s crime rate statistics is a great way to help you decide if you’d like to make the move. The FBI does not provide crime rate statistics for Las Lomas, but it does offer information on Watsonville, which is located only 5 miles from Las Lomas. We will use this larger, nearby city as a reference.

  • Watsonville crime rate per 100k people: 2,643
  • California crime rate per 100k people: 2,581
  • US crime rate per 100k people: 2,346


  • Watsonville violent crime rate per 100k people: 552
  • California violent crime rate per 100k people: 442
  • US violent crime rate per 100k people: 388


  • Watsonville property crime rate per 100k people: 2,090 (2.3% lower than the state)
  • California property crime rate per 100k people: 2,139
  • US property crime rate per 100k people: 1,958

According to BestPlaces, Las Lomas has a violent crime rate of 2,200 per 100k people, which is slightly below the US average of 2,270. Las Lomas has a property crime rate of 3,670 per 100k people, which is slightly higher than the US average of 3,540 per 100k people.

Although some of the statistics are slightly higher than the state and nation, there are plenty of safe places to live in Las Lomas and Watsonville. While crime rate statistics can be helpful, they can be inaccurate due to reporting inconsistencies and other variables.

You can take comfort in knowing that if any crimes are committed in Las Lomas, the Monterey County Police Department has dedicated officers patrolling Las Lomas, California!

Cost of Living in Las Lomas

Like most California cities, Las Lomas has a high Cost of Living Index (COLI) of 144.5. Living in Las Lomas is 44.5% more expensive than the average US city. Its overall high cost of living is likely due to its competitive housing market—housing is 124.6% more expensive here—and its high healthcare index of 143.7. Groceries, transportation, and utilities are slightly above or below the US average.

Before moving to Las Lomas, here is a breakdown of what it will cost to live here. According to the Economic Policy Institute, a family of four should earn $114,198 to live comfortably in Monterey County. You should expect to spend $284,9000 more on a home here than the average US city. The median US home price is $416,100 compared to the median home price in Las Lomas, which is $701,000. The median price per square foot here is $460, and Rentcafe indicates the average Las Lomas rent is $2,301 for a 680-square-foot rental. Overall, housing in Las Lomas is costly, but this is likely due to its attractive attributes, like proximity to the beach and larger cities.

Other cost indexes in Las Lomas:

Cost index Las Lomas US
Groceries 107.4 100
Utilities 95 100
Transportation 10.3.9 100

Typical Las Lomas living expenses:

  • Inexpensive restaurant meal: $20.00
  • Gallon of milk $4.43
  • Loaf of white bread: $4.67
  • Dozen eggs: $5.89
  • Pound of local cheese: $6.95
  • Average Las Lomas utilities per month: $262 (per Doxo)

Source: Numbeo; these figures above are for Watsonville, but you can expect similar pricing when living in Las Lomas.

Las Lomas Weather & Climate

Las Lomas has a Koppen classification of hot Mediterranean climate (Csa), which means you can expect long, comfortable, breezy summers and short, cold, and wet winters. The temperatures vary from 42°F to 74°F and rarely dip below 34 and above 85. The warm temperatures here start in June and carry through October; the hottest month is September, with an average high of 74 degrees Fahrenheit. The cold season starts in November and ends in February. The average low during the cold season is 42 degrees, and the average high is 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

The best time to visit Las Lomas is late June through late September—you can enjoy all the fun warm weather activities without dealing with extremely high temperatures! Las Lomas, CA, only sees an annual rainfall of 18 inches, resulting in a dry climate; this puts the city at a higher risk of wildfires. The annual snowfall here is 0 inches.

Things to Do in & Near Las Lomas

There are many great activities and things to do in and near Las Lomas. The CDP boasts great nearby shopping options–Las Lomas Market and East Lake Village Shopping Center.

Moss Landing State Wildlife Area

Moss Landing State Wildlife Area is a few short miles from the CDP and is a great place to bring your children, a friend, or a significant other to explore. There is a beach conservation area, salt pond, and nature trails. 

Moss Landing, CA 95039, (831) 649-2870

Sunset State Beach

One of Las Lomas’s best attributes is its proximity to the coast. Sunset State Beach is only 8.6 miles from Las Lomas (or 15 minutes). If you ever run out of things to do in Las Lomas, CA, California beaches are only minutes away.

Sunset Beach Rd, Watsonville, CA 95076, (831) 763-7063

Pajaro Valley Golf Club

Pajaro Valley Golf Club is less than 2 miles from the CDPs center, making it a great nearby attraction.

967 Salinas Rd, Royal Oaks, CA 95076, (831) 724-3851

Additional Attractions in & Near Las Lomas

Las Lomas Restaurants | Best Places to Eat in & Near Las Lomas

Here are the best places to eat in Las Lomas!

Camino Real Café

Camino Real Café is an authentic Mexican restaurant offering traditional favorites like burritos and birria tacos. 

30 San Juan Rd, Watsonville, CA 95076, (831) 728-1506

The Fish House Bar & Grill

The Fish House Bar & Grill dishes out locally caught seafood paired with decadent wine; here, you can enjoy live music and fresh California calamari!

972 Main St, Watsonville, CA 95076, (831) 728-3333

Real Colima 1 Restaurant

Real Colima is one of the best restaurants in Las Lomas; they’re known for having mouth-watering Mexican cuisine and thirst-quenching margaritas and mojitos!

74 Porter Dr, Royal Oaks, CA 95076, (831) 761-1241

Las Lomas Jobs

Las Lomas’s economy employs 1,870 people, but many people living in Las Lomas commute to larger nearby cities for work. Watsonville is only a few miles away, and its economy employs 23,000. According to Monterey County’s economic website, the leading industries in Monterey County are agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting. Las Lomas employers are Al Pak Labor, Azcona Harvesting, Bud of California (owned by Dole), and Fort Hunter Liggett Military. And if you work in the public sector, note that Monterey County is also a significant employer for Las Lomas!

Before moving to Las Lomas, comparing its cost of living to your future predicted salary is crucial. The average hourly wage in Las Lomas is $26.32, and the average salary is $54.75. The average Dole employee (one of Las Lomas’s leading employers) earns $82,000 a year.

Las Lomas or its nearby economies can support you regardless of your industry. We understand how stressful it can be to find the perfect Las Lomas job, so we have a few tips to help lessen your stress. Using LinkedIn to network is a great way to stand out from your competitors; you should also list a local address on your resume (if you already have friends or family living there).

Las Lomas Schools

The Pajaro Valley Unified School District serves Las Lomas; the district has 21 elementary schools, 14 middle schools, and eight high schools. No schools are in the CDP limits, so some students commute to nearby cities for their education. The nearest schools to Las Lomas are Hall District Elementary School, Aromas School, and New School Senior High School. 

The school district boasts a handful of notable schools and a diverse racial and ethnic makeup

  • 83.6% Hispanic/Latino
  • 13.4% White
  • 1.3% Asian or Asian Pacific Islander
  • 1.1% Two or more races
  • 0.4% Black or African American
  • 0.2% American Indian or Alaska Native
  • 0.1% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander

The best schools in the district are Valencia Elementary, Aptos High School, and Aptos Junior High. The colleges serving Las Lomas are also some of the best around! Cabrillo College Watsonville Center and Monsbey College are within 30 miles of Las Lomas!

Las Lomas looks to Watsonville for its public library services; the Watsonville Public Library offers resources like poetry readings, an “ask a librarian” online portal, and study and meeting rooms.

Las Lomas Statistics & Information

  • County: Monterey County
  • Las Lomas area: 1.037 square miles
  • Las Lomas zip code: 95076
  • Las Lomas area code: 831
  • Las Lomas elevation: 43 feet
  • Las Lomas time zone: Pacific Time Zone (UTC-8)
  • Closest airport to Las Lomas: San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is 85.9 miles from Las Lomas

Las Lomas CA Map

Explore more things to do in Las Lomas with this map of the CDP!

If moving to Las Lomas has sparked your interest, we can see why! It’s located near bigger cities and the beach, but it’s not overly congested. If you decide to relocate, call South Bay Moving Systems at 831-786-5537; we’re skilled Las Lomas movers ready to make your upcoming move a stress-free and easy one!