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Saddle up to Harlan Ranch! Harlan Ranch is a master-planned community, meaning it’s a large-scale mixed-use community with several developers laying out streets and building homes. The community gets its name from the Harlan family, who arrived in California during the California Gold Rush to search for gold.

Harlan Ranch is well known as a comfortable residential community in Clovis CA. Harlan Ranch is a very nice place to live, with spacious, newly-constructed homes for sale, top schools, and a kid-friendly environment. But before you start moving to Harlan Ranch, you must learn about living in Harlan Ranch. Here is your guide on this special Clovis master-planned community.

Where Is Harlan Ranch?

Harlan Ranch is in the northeastern corner of Clovis, forming part of the northern border of the city. Harlan Ranch does not border any other notable Clovis neighborhoods, though it borders California Highway 168, which provides access to downtown Clovis and cities near Fresno CA. It is seven miles from Harlan Ranch to downtown Clovis, creating a commute of roughly 15 minutes. Harlan Ranch Clovis is south of large undeveloped areas but is not near any notable geographic landmarks.

The community covers seven square miles. The main zip code for Harlan Ranch is 93619. The community does not receive direct service from Clovis Transit, and the nearest bus stops are over a mile from Harlan Ranch. If you’re traveling outside the community, you should expect to use your car, but you can walk or bike around Harlan Ranch Clovis.

Map of Harlan Ranch

You can use this map to find Harlan Ranch as well as top restaurants in Clovis and attractions.

Overview of Harlan Ranch

Harlan Ranch was largely undeveloped and uninhabited until the California Gold Rush in the 1850s. Settlers then began building small homes, leaving most of the area untouched. The Weller family acquired the area in 1936 and began developing it as farmland. The Wellers then sold the land in 1988 to developers, though it took until the 2010s for homes to be built on the land.

Harlan Ranch now contains over 1,500 homes. The community has several home builders actively building properties, including Wathen Castanos and Leo Wilson Homes. The community contains mostly single-family homes, and many of them are spacious, containing at least three bedrooms and covering 3,000 square feet.

You can find many Spanish-style homes in the community with lavish design elements like stucco roofs, terracotta tiles, and small windows that let in a lot of natural light. Most homes have been built in the last 20 years, so they have contemporary amenities like open floor plans, custom-made cabinets, and surround sound speakers in living rooms.

The main landmark in Harlan Ranch is Harlan Park, a small community park in the southeastern region of the community. Harlan Ranch has a few other public spaces, including a bocce ball court. Notable amenities in the community include a public swimming pool, a rentable clubhouse, and Bud Rank Elementary School, a top school in Fresno.

Here are the demographics for Harlan Ranch:

  • Population: 3,341
  • Household income: $116,759
  • Educational attainment: 97% of residents over 25 have finished high school, 52% have a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Median age: 32

Harlan Ranch is a family-friendly community; roughly 47% of households are couples with children, and the average family size is 3.53. 34.6% of the population in Harlan Ranch is children under the age of 14. Harlan Ranch is the most family-friendly neighborhood in Clovis, with a higher population of children than the citywide average; 29.4% of the Clovis population is 18 years old or younger.

What’s It Like Living in Harlan Ranch?

Harlan Ranch is exclusively residential, so it does not contain any restaurants or tourist attractions. This makes Harlan Ranch a quiet and peaceful place to live. Code 3 Security provides security services in Harlan Ranch and works with the Clovis Police Department to make the community safe.

Harlan Ranch Clovis is very walkable, with smooth and well-paved sidewalks and street signage, so you know where you are at all times. Many streets have small trees that provide shade during the spring and summer.

The community mostly caters to families with multiple children, but retirees, seniors, and young professionals can enjoy living in Harlan Ranch. It’s a convenient place for professionals and commuters to Fresno CA to live, thanks to its position along California Highway 168.

Communities in Harlan Ranch

Harlan Ranch has a few informal communities you can use for finding homes for sale, though they are very small and book up quickly. Barclay Square is a gated community within Harlan Ranch, making it one of the most secure areas of Clovis. The European Collection contains European-influenced homes with large footprints, making it one of the best places in Harlan Ranch for families with multiple children.

However, you don’t need to join a community or subsection of Harlan Ranch to buy a home. You can buy a single-family home in any part of the community, including a two-bedroom property for a small family or couple.

Things to Do in Harlan Ranch

The main attraction in Harlan Ranch is the Harlan Ranch Community Recreation Center. The rec center contains spaces you can rent for special events, including club meetings and parties. All members can swim in the on-site pool and visit events like the Harlan Ranch Farmers Market or the Harlan Ranch Fresh Market.

The Harlan Park is in front of the rec center and has walking paths you can use for casual strolls or dog walking. Other points of interest in Harlan Ranch include the Harlan Ranch swingset and bocce ball court. Both of these attractions are located close to East Shepherd Avenue on the northern border of the community, so they are easy to visit.

Harlan Ranch contains no other attractions or things to do, and the area immediately surrounding Harlan Ranch also has no major attractions. The closest notable point of interest is the Hindu Temple of Fresno, which is four miles from Harlan Ranch. The temple is a hub for the Hindu community of Harlan Ranch and has religious and cultural events throughout the year. The closest restaurant is Me and Eds Pizzeria, three miles from Harlan Ranch. Me and Eds is a casual, kid-friendly pizzeria with California-style pizza, calzones, and salads.

The Harlan Ranch HOA plans special events inside the community; you can view the Harlan Ranch event calendar to see when parties, farmer’s markets, and other fun events will take place. All Harlan Ranch residents can also participate in Clovis CA events organized by City of Clovis Recreation.

Here is where you can find these top Harlan Ranch things to do:

Schools in Harlan Ranch

The main Harlan Ranch school district is the Clovis Unified School District (CUSD). Harlan Ranch contains only one elementary school, Bud Rank Elementary School. All 31 full-time teachers at Bud Rank are certified, and 98.4% of them have three or more years of experience. 77% of Bud Rank students test at or above the proficiency level in reading, 30 percentage points higher than the state average.

Harlan Ranch contains no other schools. Bud Rank students can attend Granite Ridge Intermediate School, seven miles outside the neighborhood. US News considers Granite Ridge to be the best middle school in the Clovis Unified School District. 69% of Granite Ridge students test at or above the proficiency level in mathematics, 13 percentage points higher than the district average and 30 percentage points higher than the state average.

Granite Ridge students can then attend Clovis North High School. US News ranks Clovis North as the best high school in the Clovis Unified School District and one of the best schools in Fresno. Clovis North offers nineteen AP courses and six honors classes. Your child can also join award-winning mock trial, Science Olympiad, and robotics teams.

The closest college to Harlan Ranch is Clovis Community College, which offers certificates and associate’s degrees in dozens of subjects. The closest library to Harlan Ranch is the Clovis Library.

Harlan Ranch Real Estate

Harlan Ranch CA has a diverse, thriving, and competitive real estate market. According to Redfin, the median sale price of Harlan Ranch homes for sale is $563,000, down 19.4% since 2022. The median price per square foot for Harlan Ranch homes for sale is $287, up 5.7% since 2022. Properties range from 1,500-4,000 square feet and contain 2-5 bedrooms.

Prices for homes for sale in Harlan Ranch Clovis CA vary significantly, with some homes for sale in Harlan Ranch costing well over $1 million. One factor is size, with large Harlan Ranch homes for sale generally costing more money than smaller homes. Homes built in the last few years also tend to cost more than homes built in the 2010s or before.

The Harlan Ranch HOA has various rules and covenants about homes in Harlan Ranch. You must get approval for some modifications to your home exterior, especially renovations, and updates to the front of your house. You should review the community operating rules and covenants and conditions before moving to Harlan Ranch Clovis.

Harlan Ranch Clovis CA does not have apartments, but it does have a few homes for rent. You can rent three-bedroom Harlan Ranch homes for rent covering 1,200 square feet for $2,100 a month, which is suitable for young professionals and people working part-time jobs. Renters have access to all of Harlan Ranch’s amenities, and homes for rent contain great features like tankless water heaters and automatic garage door openers. Most homes for rent in Harlan Ranch Clovis CA are pet-friendly for small dogs and cats.

Head home to Harlan Ranch! With luxurious single-family homes for sale, quiet and walkable streets, and convenient access to Clovis attractions, Harlan Ranch Clovis is an ideal community for families with young children and young professionals.

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