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There’s a lot to know about Fresno! Fresno is the largest city in the Central Valley, with a population of 542,107. Thousands of people are moving to Fresno, in large part for the nice weather in the community. The Central Valley is a long and flat valley in the interior of California, miles away from the ocean, meaning that Fresno is not as humid or wet as other California cities. What climate zone is Fresno CA? The Fresno climate zone is a hot semi-arid climate, with long and sunny summers and cool winters.

Many people confuse Fresno climate with Fresno weather. Climate is long-term weather patterns and averages, including precipitation and temperature averages. Weather is short-term patterns and changes in the atmosphere. If you’re moving to Fresno, you should learn a little about Fresno climate and Fresno CA weather year round so you have a comfortable life in your new home. Here’s a brief guide on Fresno climate.

Fresno Seasons

Fresno is best known for its summer weather. Summers are very hot and dry, with temperatures remaining high between early June and late September. However, Fresno does have four distinct seasons. The Fresno temperature by month drops off steadily during the fall, remain low during the winter, and then slowly rises during the spring. Fresno weather averages also get cloudier through the fall, meaning there is more precipitation during the winter and spring.

Spring in Fresno

Spring is not the rainy season in Fresno, but it can get wet throughout the season. March experiences 2.1 inches of rainfall on average, while April experiences 1 inch and May experiences 0.4 inches, for a total springtime rainfall of 3.5 inches. Six days in March are rainy, while 3.5 days in April and 2.0 days in May are. You may want to bring an umbrella or a waterproof jacket, but most days are sunny and warm, so you shouldn’t worry about the Fresno weather too much.

The Fresno average temperature steadily increases throughout the season. Here are the average temperatures for each month:

Month March April May
Average low 47 51 57
Average temperature 57 62 70
Average high 69 76 85

The weather stays pleasant and sunny throughout the spring; over 50% of days in March are clear, mostly clear, or partly cloudy. Two-thirds of the days in May are clear, so you have plenty of opportunities to visit outdoor attractions in Fresno, like the Fresno Chaffee Zoo.

Fresno flowers start to blossom in mid-February, so you should be able to see wildflowers throughout the spring. The Fresno County Blossom Trail connects several orchards in and around Fresno, and it is one of the top spots for hikes in the spring because you can see blooming flowers and fruit trees. You can visit various orchards throughout the spring and see flowers and pick fresh fruit, including Simonian Farms, which has one of the most popular farm stands in Fresno.

Summer in Fresno

Summers in Fresno are very hot and sunny, which makes the community ideal for suntanning, swimming, and other outdoor activities. However, the heat can get dangerous on some days. Here are the Fresno average temperatures for the summer:

Month June July August
Average low 63 68 66
Average temperature 77 83 81
Average high 93 98 98

July is the hottest month of the year for the Fresno climate, though the other summer months are warm. Being outside in 90-degree weather can be hazardous to your health, so you should plan on staying indoors during those days. Even if the temperature is in the 80s, you should drink plenty of water and monitor yourself for signs of heat exhaustion, like dizziness and nausea.

Despite the high temperatures, Fresno does not experience a lot of humidity. Only 0.2 days in July and August are humid, with over 50% of days feeling completely dry. June receives only 0.2 inches of rainfall, July receives 0.1 inches, and there is no Fresno CA rain in August whatsoever. Over 90% of days in the summer are clear, mostly clear, or partly cloudy.

Popular things to do in Fresno in the summer include Blackbeards Family Entertainment Center, which has a mini golf course, batting cages, and a rollercoaster. Shinzen Japanese Garden is a top spot for adults, containing walking trails with beautiful views of streams and bonsai trees. If you want to beat the heat, you can visit a few different splash pads around Fresno.

Fall in Fresno

The fall may be the most comfortable season in Fresno, as temperatures become mild while the weather stays fairly clear. Most orchards and farms in Fresno remain open and provide unique attractions, including Halloween parties and farmers’ markets. Here are the average temperatures in the fall:

Month September October November
Average low 62 54 45
Average temperature 76 66 54
Average high 91 80 66

The autumn weather starts to get rainy in November; 1.4 inches of rain fall in that month, with 4.5 days of rain. However, Fresno weather remains dry through most of the autumn. The average rainfall in Fresno CA in the other fall months is 0.2 inches in September and 0.7 inches in October.

The leaves start to change colors in September, but peak foliage occurs in late October and early November. You can visit various orchards, farms, and walking trails to see the foliage. Popular fall activities include the Big Fresno Fair, which takes place in mid-October and offers numerous family-friendly activities, such as musical performances.

For most people, October is the best month to visit and spend time in Fresno. The temperatures are cool enough that you can walk around town in a light jacket or windbreaker. However, you won’t need to bring an umbrella or rain jacket because it’s still dry throughout the month.

Fresno Winter Weather

Winter is the coldest month in Fresno, but it’s still warm enough that you can visit outdoor points of interest, especially if you’re wearing a jacket or hat. Here are the average temperatures in Fresno:

Month December January February
Average low 40 40 43
Average temperature 46 47 52
Average high 57 57 63

December is the coldest month in Fresno, but Fresno temperatures only drop below freezing on occasion. Many people ask, “Does it snow in Fresno?” Fresno experiences no snow on average every year because the Fresno average temperature by month is well above freezing. It does rain in the winter, but there is no sleet or hail. Here are the Fresno rain totals for the winter:

Month December January February
Number of rainy days 5.9 6.8 7.1
Percentage of overcast and mostly cloudy days 45% 46% 48%
Inches of rainfall 2.3 2.6 2.7

The winter is the cloudiest and rainiest season in Fresno, but the weather is relatively dry, so you can remain outside for most days. You can enjoy various wintertime activities like the Downtown Christmas Parade and Christmas Tree Lane.

Fresno Weather Monthly | Fresno Average Temperatures

You may want to go over the weather by month in addition to examining the seasons. Here’s what you should know about Fresno weather monthly, including the average temperature and Fresno rain totals.

Weather in January in Fresno

The average temperature in Fresno is 47, with the average low at 40 and the average high at 57. January has 54% clear days and 2.6 inches of precipitation. The most popular event in Fresno in January is IllumiNature, a display of Chinese lanterns at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo you can visit at night while wearing a light coat or a sweater.

February in Fresno

The average temperature is 52 degrees, with the average low at 43 and the average high at 63. February is the rainiest and cloudiest month in Fresno, with 2.7 inches of rainfall and 48% cloudy or overcast days. The top attraction in February is the Fresno County Blossom Trail.

March in Fresno

The average temperature is 57 degrees, with an average low of 47 and an average high of 69. March has 2.1 inches of rain and 57% clear days. You can continue to visit the Fresno County Blossom Trail in March, though you can also stop by the Rogue Festival Fresno and see kid-friendly musical and theatrical productions.

Weather in Fresno CA in April

The average temperature is 62 degrees, with an average low of 51 and an average high of 76. April has one inch of rain and 64% clear, mostly clear, and partly cloudy days. The top attraction in April is Earth Day, a free outdoor festival on April 22 with educational booths and eco-friendly vendors.

May in Fresno

The temperature starts warming up significantly in May. The average temperature is 70 degrees, with an average low of 57 and an average high of 85. May has 0.4 inches of rain and 73% clear days. The top attraction is the Fresno County Fruit Trail, which offers pick-your-own fruit from various farms, including fresh peaches and blueberries.

Weather in Fresno CA in June

The average temperature is 77 degrees, with an average low of 63 and an average high of 93. June experiences 0.2 inches of rain and 84% clear days. The top attraction is the Fresno Pride Parade and Festival, the best LGBTQ event in the city.

July in Fresno

The average temperature in July is 83 degrees, with an average high of 98 and an average low of 68, making July the hottest month in Fresno. July has the most humidity in Fresno, with the Fresno average humidity peaking on July 21st, but only 0.2 days are moist. No days are muggy or sweltering; July experiences only 0.1 inches of Fresno rain and 90% clear days, so you can remain outside most of the time. The top attraction is Christmas in July, a 5k fun run that raises money for the Boys and Girls Club. Make sure to wear shorts and a short sleeved shirt when you go out!

August in Fresno

The average temperature is 81 degrees, with an average low of 66 and an average high of 98. August is the driest and sunniest month of the year, with 0.0 inches of rain and 91% clear days, so feel free to sunbathe and bask in the light. The top August attraction is the Toro Nagashi lantern celebration at the Shinzen Japanese Garden.

September in Fresno

The Fresno weather starts cooling down significantly in September. The average temperature is 76 degrees, with an average low of 62 and an average high of 91. September experiences 0.2 inches of rain and 89% clear and sunny days. The top September attraction is the Fresno Greek Fest, the top Greek festival in California, with fresh food and live entertainment.

Fresno Weather in October

Fresno California weather in October is mild, though the temperatures start to cool substantially toward the end of the month. The average temperature is 66 degrees, with an average low of 54 and an average high of 80. October experiences 0.7 inches of rain and 77% clear days. The top October attraction is the Big Fresno Fair, which most people attend wearing a long sleeved shirt or a sweater.

November in Fresno

The average temperature is 54 degrees, and the average low is 45, with an average high of 66. November experiences 1.4 inches of Fresno rain and 63% clear days. The top November attraction is the Two Cities Marathon, which runs between Fresno and Clovis CA.

Weather in Fresno California in December

The average temperature is 46 degrees, with an average low of 40 and an average high of 57, making December the coldest month in Fresno. However, weather in Fresno CA in December does not have freezing or icy conditions, so you can remain comfortable without wearing a heavy jacket. December experiences 2.3 inches of Fresno rain and 55% clear days. The top December thing to do is the Christmas Tree Lane.

Annual Fresno CA Climate Statistics

  • Average number of sunny days per year: 271, higher than the national average of 205
  • Fresno average rainfall: 12.6 inches per year, lower than the national average of 38.1
  • Average snowfall: 0.0 inches per year, lower than the national average of 27.8
  • Coldest month: December; average low is 40 and average temperature is 46
  • Hottest month: July; average temperature is 83 and average high is 98
  • Driest month: August, 0.0 inches of rain
  • Wettest month: February, 2.7 inches
  • Rainiest month: February, 7.1 days of Fresno rain totals
  • Most humid month: July, 0.2 days of humidity
  • Snowiest month: N/A
  • Sunniest month: August, 91% clear days
  • Fresno record low temperature: 17 degrees, set on January 6, 1913
  • Fresno record high temperature: 115 degrees, set on July 8, 1905

Extreme Weather in Fresno

Fresno and other cities in Fresno County do not consistently experience extreme weather, though storms can happen on occasion. The most common type of extreme weather in Fresno is extreme heat. According to Fresnoland, the number of days at or over 100 degrees in Fresno has increased steadily over the last 75 years. 69 days in 2021 and 65 days in 2022 were at or above 100 degrees. You should remain inside and drink plenty of water during these days.

Bodies of water near Fresno like Millerton Lake can flood after rain showers, though the flooding is often insubstantial. Fresno residents can also experience thunderstorms, especially in the spring and summer, which can make the Fresno rain totals higher than normal. No major historic weather events have taken place in Fresno or cities near Fresno.

Atmospheric rivers are bands of moisture that can create severe weather. An atmospheric river is currently over Fresno, so there may be more rainstorms and flooding this year. You should follow the Fresno weather forecasts and store an umbrella in your car in case the rain starts. You don’t have to worry about flooding if your home is located away from rivers or ponds. If you live near a body of water, you can reduce your risk of flooding by installing weather strips in your basement and along your windows.

Best Time to Visit Fresno and Enjoy Fresno Climate

The best time to visit Fresno depends on what you like to do. Most people will find October to be the best month, as outdoor things to do in Fresno like farms remain open. You can wear one or two layers of clothes and remain comfortable without needing to bring accessories. However, if you like holiday events, you may want to visit in December so you can enjoy the Christmas-themed attractions like Christmas Tree Lane.

The Fresno climate is perfect for nearly everyone! Fresno weather year round is consistently clear and warm throughout the year, though some days in the summer can get uncomfortably hot. Fresno does not experience severe weather frequently or have a high Fresno annual rainfall, so you can stay outside and enjoy parks, farms, and parades all day.

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