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Donating furniture in Monterey, CA, is a fulfilling endeavor, whether you’re moving, downsizing, or simply updating your home with new pieces. By donating your furniture, you give your cherished items a new life, support your local communities, and make a positive impact.

Understanding the ins and outs of furniture donation in Monterey, including where to donate and which organizations offer furniture donation pick-up services, can make the process seamless and rewarding.

This guide acts as your ultimate guide to furniture pickup donation in Monterey CA, highlighting a handful of donation centers and pickup options in the area, all of which help in providing affordable goods for families or support for non-profit organizations.

When donating furniture, remember to secure a receipt for tax purposes. It’s important to know the fair market value of your items and follow the IRS donation valuation guidelines. Resources like Goodwill and Habitat Restore can help you accurately value your donations.

Please note that while Southbay Moving Systems is here to assist with your relocation, we do not handle the pick-up of Monterey furniture donation. We’ve simply compiled a list of local charities and organizations for those that do offer this service.

If your furniture donation is part of a broader move, we’re ready to help with all your moving needs. Feel free to reach out to our Monterey CA movers for assistance with your move!

Goodwill Central Coast

Goodwill Central Coast aims to uplift individuals and families by creating job opportunities and providing education and training through the donations they receive. By donating your furniture, you help support their mission and also provide affordable items for families who shop at Goodwill locations across Monterey while reducing waste.

Goodwill Central Coast locations accept a wide range of items for furniture donation pick up Monterey CA, including couches, chairs, appliances, tables, dressers, and mattresses, as well as smaller household supplies and clothing. However, it’s important to ensure that donations are in good condition, free from significant damage or excessive wear.

For your convenience, Goodwill Central Coast offers a furniture donation pickup Monterey CA for donations of multiple items. To find out if your donation qualifies for pickup, email photos of the items along with your address and phone number to [email protected]. A scheduling manager will review your request and respond within one business day.

If your donation does not qualify for the free home pickup service, or if you prefer to drop off your items, Goodwill Central Coast also has attended donation centers that are happy to accept your contributions. Just stop by a designated drop location for same day service.

It’s essential to obtain a receipt for your donation for tax purposes. You can review the IRS donation valuation guidelines and use resources like Goodwill’s valuation guide to determine the fair market value of your items and use this as a write-off.

Goodwill Monterey CA | 571 Lighthouse Ave, Monterey, CA 93940 (831-649-6056)

Local Habitat for Humanity Monterey

Habitat for Humanity Monterey and other ReStore locations are dedicated to building strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter. By donating furniture, building materials, and other usable resources, you directly contribute to their important strategy of building homes for families in need, providing a place to call home for new Habitat homeowners.

ReStore locations offer furniture donation pick up Monterey CA and accepts a variety of furniture and household items, including couches, chairs, tables, and dressers which are then sold at a Humanity Restore.

However, it’s important to note that certain items like unframed glass, mirrors, carpets, fluorescent lights, hazardous materials, and mattresses are not accepted. Ensuring that your donations are in good condition and free from damage helps maximize their impact.

For those living in Monterey in search of furniture pickup donation, Habitat for Humanity Restore Monterey Bay offers two types of pick-up services through their partner, ReSupply. The priority pick-up service includes pickups from any floor, item disassembly and removal, and collection within 1-3 days for a fee. Alternatively, the standard furniture donation free pickup service provides curbside pickups and requires self-disassembly, with donations collected within 2-3 weeks at no cost. You can also drop off items yourself at local Habitat Restore locations.

To donate used furniture, you can schedule a pick-up through their online portal. Don’t forget to request a receipt for your donation to keep for tax purposes.

By choosing your local Habitat for Humanity Monterey Bay, you are not just donating items but also providing hope, stability, and building materials for volunteers to help build homes for families. For more details on their operation, Restore locations, and how to get involved, visit Habitat for Humanity Monterey Bay’s website.

Habitat For Humanity ReStore Monterey | 4230 Gigling Rd, Seaside, CA 93955 (831-272-4830)

Yellow Brick Road Benefit Shop

Yellow Brick Road Benefit Shop is committed to supporting local charities through the resale of donated goods. Your contributions help fund scholarships, grants, and community programs that make significant positive impacts on the lives of many.

Yellow Brick Road welcomes a variety of gently used items, including clothing, linens, home goods, books, media, collectibles, jewelry, furniture, and art. It’s essential that all donations are in good condition, ensuring they can be resold to support their mission. However, they do not accept items such as printers, copiers, incomplete electronics, damaged books, and clothing in poor condition.

For your convenience, Yellow Brick Road offers Monterey large furniture donation pickup and bulky item pickup to help with the heavy lifting. To arrange a pickup, contact them at (831) 626-9255 or email [email protected]. Be sure to schedule ahead of time to ensure a smooth collection process and ensure reusable goods coming through meet their standards. Alternatively, you can drop off donations directly at their location during the designated drop-off times: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 10 am to 3:30 pm. Please don’t leave items at the store entrance.

Donating to Yellow Brick Road is not just about decluttering your homeβ€” you directly reduce waste while giving back to the community and supporting valuable local initiatives. Don’t forget to ask about your receipt for the tax deductible status of your thoughtful donation.

Yellow Brick Road Benefit Shop | 26388 Carmel Rancho Ln, Carmel, CA 93923 (831-626-8480)

The Salvation Army Monterey Peninsula Corps

The Salvation Army Monterey is dedicated to providing essential services and support to those in need. Through its thrift stores and donation centers scattered around the cities in Monterey, it transforms furniture donation pick up Monterey CA into vital community resources and funding programs that offer building materials, shelter, rehabilitation, and emergency assistance.

While The Salvation Army Monterey is now unable to offer home pickup service due to increased costs and regulations, you can still donate used furniture in Monterey CA at their multiple drop-off locations. Items you can donate include furniture, clothing, household goods, electronics, and more. However, checking their guidelines is important to ensure your items meet their acceptance criteria.

If you have questions or need further assistance with your Monterey furniture donation, you can contact The Salvation Army at 1-800-728-7825. They also accept vehicle donations, which can significantly support their efforts.

By donating to The Salvation Army Monterey, you help provide critical aid and support to your neighbors in need. Don’t forget to obtain a receipt for your donations to use for tax purposes and utilize their Donation Value Guide.

The Salvation Army Monterey County | 1491 Contra Costa St, Seaside, CA 93955 (831-899-4911)

Rescue Mission Alliance

The Rescue Mission Alliance is a pioneering Christian organization dedicated to helping individuals realize their potential and overcome limitations through compassionate care, personalized services, and long-term transformation. Their mission is to address the needs of those experiencing homelessness, hunger, and poverty across Southern California.

They accept a broad range of donations, including new and gently used clothing, shoes, purses, toys, books, small appliances, household items, computer equipment, jewelry, decorative items, artwork, collectibles, china, crystal, linens, and small furniture under 60 lbs to be sold at their store. However, they do not accept items such as furniture with stains or needing repair, console TVs, mattresses, built-in appliances, chemical items, car batteries, and other specified items.

To donate to the Rescue Mission Alliance, you can schedule a pickup for larger items through their online donation portal. They request that you ensure items are in good, gently used, and working condition before donating. You can drop smaller items off at any of their thrift stores during regular business hours.

Remember to request a receipt for your donation, which is essential for tax purposes. The Rescue Mission Alliance’s thrift stores transform your contributions into vital support for community programs and services.

Rescue Mission Alliance – Central Coast Super Thrift Store | 306 N Broadway, Santa Maria, CA 93454 (805-357-1214)

Last Chance Mercantile (ReGen Monterey)

ReGen Monterey, home to the Last Chance Mercantile (LCM), is dedicated to promoting a local green economy in Monterey County and reducing landfill waste through the sale of reusable goods. For over 25 years, LCM has been a beloved destination for treasure hunters and eco-conscious shoppers, offering a wide variety of items from books to boats, all keeping usable resources from the landfill. This helps provide affordable goods to furnish homes while supporting essential initiatives like the Veterans Transition Center.

The Last Chance Mercantile accepts donations of reusable goods, including furniture, household items, books, clothing, and more. They have been recognized as the “Best Eco-Friendly Business” by Monterey County Weekly readers, thanks to their commitment to sustainability and community support.

Donations are accepted at the LCM gate from Tuesday to Saturday, 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Reusable items collected through the Home Curbside Bulky Item Collection Service are also directed to LCM for a second chance. This furniture pickup donation service is available to single-family residents for items like furniture, mattresses, e-waste, and appliances. Multi-family residents may also be eligible; details are available on the ReGen Monterey website.

To donate furniture to charity in Monterey CA, visit Last Chance Mercantile’s website for a list of acceptable items and their donation guidelines. For bulky item pickups, you can schedule a collection through their Home Curbside Bulky Item Collection Service by calling 831-372-7977.

By donating to ReGen Monterey, you help support local green initiatives, support non-profits like the Veterans Transition Center, and provide affordable goods to communities while keeping valuable resources out of the landfill. Don’t forget to request a receipt for your tax-deductible donation!

Last Chance Mercantile | 14201 Del Monte Blvd, Marina, CA 93908 (831-264-6900)

Map of Where to Donate Furniture in Monterey CA

Wondering where to donate furniture in Monterey? From Pacific Grove to Sand City and Carmel Valley Village, if you’re in Monterey County, this map highlights locations for furniture donation pick up Monterey CA.

Please remember that we do not handle the pickup Monterey furniture donation. However, if you’re donating furniture in Monetery as part of your move, we’re here to help make your relocation smooth and stress-free. Contact us at 831-786-5537 to handle all your moving needs with care and efficiency and receive a free quote today!