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Located in the beautiful San Joaquin Valley, Fresno is the county seat of Fresno County, California. The largest, most luxurious city in the Central Valley region, it is also the 34th most populated city in the entire United States. Fresno is located 218 miles north of Los Angeles, 186 miles southeast of San Francisco, 150 miles east of San Jose, and 169 miles south of Sacramento. Being so centrally located to all these major cities is why Fresno is such a hotspot for business, tech industry, and finance. Growing rapidly, based on the past few census reports, Fresno is the ideal place to gain meaningful employment, create a nice career, and establish a family as both the job market and the housing market are robust and have been for decades.

Unsurprisingly, the population boom had created a level of pressure on Fresno high schools in the area. The city couldn’t keep up with the demand, as there were so many students trying to enroll and simply not enough teachers, buildings, or resources available to support them. Fear not though, that all changed after the turn of the century. California put a major focus on public school systems and private schools popped up all over the place. There is no better southwestern state when it comes to education and we can say that confidently. The state has exit exams for all of their graduates to pass before getting a diploma. The population influx hasn’t really slowed down but the schools were built to be able to handle a continued boom and the state put together an impressive package to entice the nation’s educators to move to California – and another one that enticed people to pursue teaching as a career.

Some of the best Fresno high schools are public. The top tier, premier schools are typically private because of the funding that parents front. Again, it’s a wealthy area which usually means safer neighborhoods, more opportunities, and better schools. Since we’re intimately familiar with the area, we’ve made a list of the best high schools in Fresno for our customers to review. We’re positive you’ll find one that will fit your child’s needs and fulfill your expectations.

Best Public Fresno High Schools

Public Fresno high schools are some of the best in the entire state of California. The bad news is, there are quite a few school districts in Fresno, all of them being very good, so it will probably be difficult for you to decide which is going to be best for you and your children. We’ve highlighted notable differences between them as well as the extracurriculars like music, sports, gifted, or STEM programs, based on the personality and interests of your child. 

Most of the public schools in Fresno are under either the Fresno Unified School District or the Clovis Unified School District umbrellas. Trust us, that’s a good thing!  Both school districts in Fresno are well funded, well supported, and ahead of the curve when it comes to leveraging technology for parent transparency. Fresno public magnets schools and public charter schools are also among the top ranked in the state! Let’s take a look at the best public Fresno high schools:

Clovis North High School – Best Public High School in Fresno

What Makes Clovis North High School great?

Clovis North is the best public school in Fresno and is regularly recognized as such. With healthy sports competition from the other schools in the two districts, the leadership’s continued focus on academic excellence, and terrific history regarding student safety, this Fresno high school prides itself on being the best it can be.

Clovis West High School – The Perfect Rival to Clovis North

What Makes Clovis West High School great?

  • Unbelievably good SARC transparent for all
  • Top notch athletics programs
  • Host of the CIF State Swimming and Diving Championships
  • Has won the Frank Gonder Athletic Supremacy Award over 25 times
  • Follows the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium guidelines
  • A National Blue Ribbon School

Think of Clovis West as a complete rival to Clovis North. While both schools are a part of the same system, they’re ardent rivals with one significant difference. Clovis West puts more emphasis on athletics while North puts more emphasis on arts. Clovis West, though just below North when it comes to academics, leaves absolutely nothing to be desired and all students are sure to get a complete education with a clear path forward to their areas of interest after graduation.

Edison High School – The Top Fresno High School from Fresno Unified

What Makes Edison High School great?

  • Massive library with online services and resources viewable off campus
  • Regularly updated school messenger for parents and students alike
  • Recognized by the California State Board of Education as a California Distinguished School
  • Rich history of athletics, arts, and performing dominance for public schools
  • History of empowering students by hiring experienced pros that leverage their past to help student body futures
  • Safe space for students; Mental health programs
  • Good SARC

Edison is the cross-town alternative to the top schools from the other district. Edison students will learn in a safe and empowering environment, and take ownership of their social and academic growth, in order to continue developing as active and productive members of our ever-changing world. Edison makes it a point to help all students interested in continuing education with their college applications – something that not every school does.

Patiño School of Entrepreneurship – Most Modern Fresno Public Magnet High School 

What Makes Edison High School great?

  • Students get the experience necessary to create their own company
  • Endless resources for business acumen
  • Innovation is commended, not discouraged
  • Students get a say regarding their electives
  • Counseling is included for each student
  • Students have access to mentors
  • As a part of the Fresno Unified School District, the system gets access to all the eLearning options to free up time for business focus

The Patiño School of Entrepreneurship is a new model for secondary education. It’s an applied entrepreneurship school that fosters real world skills. They focus on critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration. As seniors, students launch their own companies!

Endeavor Charter School – Independent Study and Personalized Learning Charter School in Fresno

  • Address – 723 and 777 W. Shaw, Fresno, CA 93704
  • Phone – (559) 248-0471
  • Grades – TK to 12
  • Student:Teacher Ratio – 18:1
  • Graduation Rate – 
  • Average SAT – 1600

Public and free to all students of Fresno and Madera County and the adjacent counties, Endeavor Charter School provides home school instruction and school-based instruction. The school has served the area for over 25 years. Entrance is by a lottery system.

Best Fresno Private Schools

Even though the Fresno public schools are great, Fresno private schools are also exceptional. Private schools have admissions limitations and requirements and those in Fresno are no exception. With some of the top private schools in the entire nation, Fresno is home to the best academics in the state of California. If you’re looking to give your children access to top education or best college paths, private is an excellent choice. We’ve compiled a list of the top two Fresno private schools:

San Joaquin Memorial High School – Top Tier Private School in Fresno

What Makes San Joaquin Memorial High School great?

  • iPad program – all students get an iPad
  • Tuition is less than $14k
  • Class of 2021 was offered over $10 million in college scholarships, grants, and aid
  • Athletics are a focus
  • International studies and travel programs are available (exchange program)
  • Most culturally diverse school in Fresno

Small class sizes allow Memorial faculty and staff to truly know their students and to foster the unique family feeling on campus. Memorial is a college prep school with 99% graduates attending college each year and 100% graduation rate. There simply is no better school in Fresno, private or public, when you consider the cultural diversity children will be exposed to, the sports programs available, and the level of education each student receives.

Fresno Adventist Academy – Best Christian School in Fresno

What Makes Fresno Adventist Academy great?

  • Culturally diverse
  • 50% of students head on to college, 30% continue faith training
  • Unique education funnel to help students grow personally and spiritually
  • Heavy exposure to team sports and arts
  • AA offers a live feed!
  • Tuition is affordable

Fresno Adventist Academy is considered to be the best religion based private school in Fresno County. With a unique curriculum designed to bring students closer to Him while becoming the most educated and kind person they can be, Fresno Adventist Academy allows students to pursue their dreams while practicing their faith. Being better to be better.

Fresno, CA Schools FAQ

Does Fresno have good schools?

All of California has good education – especially compared to the rest of the nation. Fresno high schools rank among the best in the state, alongside Fresno charter schools and Fresno private schools!

What is the best high school in Fresno, CA?

The best private high school in Fresno is San Joaquin Memorial High. The best public high school is Clovis North High School.

What is the best school district in Fresno, CA?

The best school district is the Clovis Unified School District though the Fresno Unified School District is a really close second. Both are terrific.

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