Fresno is a major city in the San Joaquin Valley and is located near the geographical center of California. Being the economic hub of Fresno County and the San Joaquin Valley, it is the largest city in the greater Central Valley region. Residents love top-rated Fresno neighborhoods because they have big city living and small city charm. 

Here, you can enjoy all of the amenities of a bustling city with small-town ease. There are plenty of amazing restaurant scenes, schools, shopping, affluent and affordable neighborhoods, and city-lover attractions while having many community events and friendly neighbors to please small-town hearts.

The city has award-winning schools, great job opportunities, world-class healthcare, beautiful neighborhoods, and a famous local college. Fresno is a big deal, having plenty of beautiful places to live in if you want a safe, kind, and affluent city with plenty of sunshine and premier amenities!

Wondering where to live in Fresno, CA? Check out our list of the 8 best Fresno suburbs!

Woodward Park – the Safest Neighborhood in Fresno

  • Population: 46,725
  • Ethnic Diversity: 23.8% Asian, 14.0% German, 13.6% Mexican, 9.7% Irish, 7.5% Italian
  • Median Household Income: $111,026
  • Median Home Listing Price: $515,000
  • Homes for sale in Woodrow Park

Woodward Park is about 70% safer than other neighborhoods of Fresno – creating a secure and protective environment for you and your family. Educational institutes, buses that run on Sunday, and lake views all around the location give you more reasons to start living in this neighborhood. 

It can be perfect for retiring because of the place’s calm and peace. The neighborhood gives off the vibes of a rural area while featuring all amenities nearby. Woodward Park also offers a gay-friendly neighborhood and safety. Gay bars downtown go back to World War 2 when people from neighboring places started to move here to feel at home. 

Here, locals love visiting Artists Bistro to enjoy music, romantic ambiance, and mouthwatering steak at your table. It’s also home to Woodward Park, next to the San Joaquin River, giving the neighborhood its namesake. 

Fig Garden – One of the Most Affluent and Scenic Neighborhoods in Fresno, CA

Fig Garden is one of the wealthiest areas in the Fresno neighborhood. But that’s not it. Nature keeps your mind in place with contentment and satisfaction, and in Fig Garden, you will find ways to connect to nature. It is filled with tall and beautiful trees. They solely make up the neighborhood’s magical scenery and provide shade to biking and walking tracks. 

These trees have been growing since the early 1900 and are historically essential to the location. Locals love to walk on breathtaking trails and bike around the town, making them more fit and giving them more opportunities to enjoy the environment around them. 

With adobe, ranch, and bungalow architectural styles, the Fresno suburb is filled with property and homes that look pleasing to the eyes. Families can bring their children to Figarden Loop Park and enjoy the recreation activities and a baseball field. And suppose you’re someone who loves Italian cuisine. In that case, the neighborhood features Ovidio Italian, which has the best Italian food in town with its family-exclusive recipe. 

If one-stop shopping at an upscale, charming shopping mall is what attracts you, feel free to shop at Fig Garden Village. The outdoor shopping center offers shaded seating areas, famous brands, and a food court to satisfy taste buds.  

McLane – the Most Affordable Neighborhood in Fresno

McLane – the Most Affordable Neighborhood in Fresno

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What’s the most affordable place to live in Fresno, CA? McLane might be the best option for those who want to live near the downtown district while still having a lower cost of living. Located in northeastern Fresno, McLane has 17,540 housing units. This Fresno suburb caters to the active adult since it’s home to a lot of young population with 43.78% people have never been married.

The cost of living in McLane is affordable, as the expenses for goods & services, groceries, healthcare, and transportation are all within the California average. Because of high affordability, safer neighborhood, and fantastic school system, many students and families prefer to live in McLane. But what makes this Fresno neighborhood the top choice for people is its cheapest real estate market and fair housing prices, which is 33% lower than the Fresno average.

You can visit Fresno Discovery Center with your family and kids to enjoy fishing and other recreational and educational displays. This neighborhood is also home to Fresno Chaffee Zoo and Blackbeard’s Family Entertainment where residents enjoy fun activities and yummy foods.

Bullard – Best for Families with Children

Bullard is relatively small, peaceful yet resourceful than you might expect. Most people live in Bullard to enjoy its education system and gain knowledge from its well-known high school. It contains smooth and well-connected roads for you to drive on and get groceries or enjoy your morning coffee with friends at Bullard Donut Café.  

The first cinema in Bullard was created in 1990 and provided leisure and entertainment to people around it. The area’s population is limited but contains diverse ethnicities and religions. This Fresno Neighborhood is welcoming and treats everyone with respect and kindness. 

Courtyard by Marriott, Hilton Garden, and various other 3-star hotels are also located here for you to try out and see what it feels like to live in this neighborhood of Fresno. 

Hoover – Best recreational activities

Hoover’s stable homes, roads, and schools will make your mind love the place. It is beautiful and calming to live in. The neighborhood is kind, recreational, exciting, and adventurous. You will never get bored because there are plenty of fun things to do here

Scenic places like San Joaquin River, zoo, or water sports can be your place to unwind from the stress of life and spend your weekends in. The public transportation of the place is quite connected and accessible-you can go to downtown Fresno, nearby shopping sprees, and other necessary locations in no time. Downtown Fresno can be reached within 15 minutes of driving or 40 minutes on a bike.

Tower District – Fresno’s Coolest and Gay-friendly Neighborhood


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Tower District was built in the 1930s but is now popular among youth for nightclubs and bars -the place is perfect for vibrancy. Tower District is the Fresno neighborhood to let yourself free and enjoy life while you can. It is filled with jazz bars, events, party nights, and musicals all over the place. 

The business hub is surrounded by incredible, classic housing types, ranging from townhouses and apartments to mansions and craftsman bungalows. The business owners and residents have a unified sense of ownership and pride in the district, making it one of the safest neighborhoods in Fresno

This neighborhood is as diverse as Fresno itself. It’s home to families and singles, white-collar and blue-color, conservative and liberal, students and retirees –  all welcome here! 

You should definitely move here to live a life of colors and fun. It provides a modern chic vibe during the day through fancy restaurants like Strummers Bar & Grill, museums, and art galleries. The neighborhood also offers musical comedies accompanied by American cuisine at Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater. The architecture and homes of the place are comforting, friendly, and inclusive of every ethnicity, race, and queer people. You will have a positive outlook on life and the people there. 

If you’re a young professional, gay, or anyone who loves to do fun things and enjoy, this coolest neighborhood in Fresno is a great option for you!

Sunnyside – Best for Retirees and Seniors

Sunnyside - Best for Retirees and Seniors

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Sunnyside is perfect for families and retirees. It offers a nearby highway and every essential living service nearby. Sunnyside can be your sunny side of life because of the top-notch lifestyle and living essentials the neighborhood provides. 

You can move to this Fresno neighborhood to enjoy more solitude and calmness. But, it also contains options for various private and public high schools and colleges. The residents enjoy an advanced schooling system here. 

But that’s not all; Sunnyside offers some delicious restaurants, like Di Cicco and Sunnyside Diner. Here, you can enjoy home-cooked food, American cuisine, and Italian food to satisfy your tastebuds. 

Mural District – Perfect Place for Art Lovers

For the love of literature, arts, and culture, Mural District is heaven for art lovers. It contains the essence of art and love that shows on the streets, walls, and around the building. If you are an artist, you should move in here and get inspiration from all over the town. It is filled with color, history, and stories to tell. 

You can see various sculptures, art pieces, and galleries around the town. The place also contains dazzling restaurants, like Toldedito, where you can enjoy Mexican cuisine with heavenly taste, museums, competitions, and various events to spend the days with recreational activities. People who want to live in solitude and devote their life to their skills should choose this Fresno neighborhood for its heartwarming vibes.

Fresno Neighborhoods Map

Looking to find where the best Fresno neighborhoods are located on the map? Check out where to live in Fresno below!

Is Fresno a good place to live? Fresno neighborhoods are a great place to live with a competitive schooling system, sightseeing places, dazzling restaurants, inclusive community, and several amenities in an affordable range. You can choose one of the listed neighborhoods per your preference, lifestyle, and budget. The city is suitable for moving in with your family, spouse, or yourself. These neighborhoods above are some of California’s safest, tightly-knitted, and welcoming places. 

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